This isn’t some sluggish adolescent smash, however, she’s profoundly and you will truly in love

The maiden never some promote by herself to trust it’s him; perhaps this woman is scared of are let down once more – like the day when he decided to go to this new harem ahead of, but may maybe not get into along with to escape out since the night showed up ( 2:8-17 ). Or perhaps it is a mix of disbelief and a beneficial resignation so you can her destiny, swept up permanently within the wall space of the harem.

In the end, brand new shepherd leaves his hands from starting of your home, and you will this woman is convinced it’s your. Quickly she increases and you may struggles to open the doorway, but when she really does, it’s far too late; the woman delays keeps led to the brand new shepherd making thereby, just like in the last fantasy succession ( 3:2 ) she makes this lady way-out with the abandoned night roads from Jerusalem, to look for your, calling out desperately, in vain.

Mention the sense off mutual possession within the six:step 3 – brand new maiden is not certain simple possession of your son, but instead the shared like and you will devotion together form you to she belongs to your, and likewise the guy falls under the lady

And you may once again, as in the last dream, she incurs the evening watchmen because they patrol the metropolis ( select 3:3 ). But this time around she incurs their wrath rather than its embarrassment that assist, and she is apprehended and defeated – perhaps to have unsettling this new comfort along with her yelling, or even for breaking the new harem curfew which will have existed for everybody from Solomon’s a lot of women.

Fundamentally inside verse 5:8 comes some other of the maiden’s oft-regular charge for the female of the harem; do they really tell the lady dear shepherd, when they find your, one to she actually is seriously, seriously love-sick and her expectations of save was fading by the the afternoon.

The latest maiden praises individuals aspects of the new shepherd’s appearance; their power and you may splendour, exactly how good-looking he could be, how about maiden’s sight there’s not one finer than just so it spouse out of hers.

This lady closure terms within this stanza try significantly swinging. Whilst her companion could be tough, good, and you can good-looking, it is not the key reason she seeks become reunited having him, neither as to why she do not accept King Solomon’s proposal out of relationships and you can feel a unique girlfriend within his broadening harem. Zero, the primary reason she demonstrates to you why she must find him, as to why she need certainly to refrain is because he could be the woman precious and you may the lady buddy. As a result of this he is value such as for instance single-minded, loyal devotion.

However, even with the lady failure to leave to help you the woman lover, this new maiden is still able to affirm in such strong terminology the bond between the two of them

It is interesting to see the two metropolitan areas known for the 6:4. Jerusalem are, without a doubt, the latest royal financial support and you will the place to find Solomon’s expansive palaces. Explaining new maiden as actually “while the pleasant once the Jerusalem” could have been large praise in reality, for it try the spiritual, royal, governmental, and you may mental heart out-of Israel. Tirzah, concurrently, is actually a northern stronghold and you may could have been recognized to the fresh maiden just who, because the an enthusiastic alien and you may complete stranger with the southern places, might not have got instance a love for Jerusalem. Tirzah are to start with a great Canaanite area and you will was later captured by the this new Israelite queen Jeroboam We (931-910 BC ).

Verse 6:8 provides particular suggestions about what sized Solomon’s harem yet; 140 spouses and you will concubines altogether, a total flouting of God’s guidelines on the Israelite kings (select Deuteronomy ). The fresh new “maidens in the place of number” are likely women who’re available for marriage; it seems Solomon is attempting so you’re able to earn the newest maiden because of the arguing “lookup, You will find all of these lady, I’m able to marry one more youthful virgin in my own kingdom, but really We attract you”.