Sanji originally wished to cook Chopper, and you can will continue to consider your as their “emergency food supply” in order to tease your

However, the guy really does envision Chopper a close friend, and can give him otherwise Usopp suggestions after they want it. Sanji, in addition to Luffy and you will Nami, try the initial regarding the crew to treat Chopper with any generosity, eg when he been aware of Chopper’s earlier becoming refuted just like the beast. When the reindeer requested your just what Luffy is, Sanji replied he is a “Monster” smiling. A continuing motif away from Chopper’s character could have been you to definitely his decades and often childish nature allow for your to be more susceptible so you can advice on crew. A number of these tips has arrived when it comes to the required steps are a bona-fide kid, also to so it end, Sanji features educated Helicopter a lot of classes. Until the real reason as to Robin’s betrayal try shown, the guy says to Helicopter if a woman lays, a genuine guy forgives this lady. Up on Usopp’s defeat within his battle with Luffy, he educated Helicopter not to ever stomp into a good mans pleasure and you may resolution because of the demonstrating him shame facing overcome.

Nico Robin

At the same time not, Sanji is quite knowledge of Chopper’s childish character and can appease they when he feels necessary. Such, he accessible to let him alert Usopp in the Aqua Laguna even after Usopp leaving the fresh new staff, when he noticed how much cash Chopper try concerned about Usopp. Furthermore, he starred and additionally Usopp’s Sogeking persona, realizing that Chopper totally felt into the Sogeking, while he’d proper care considerably on the Usopp.

Helicopter and finds out Sanji’s electricity and assaulting fuel “awesome”, particularly Sanji’s burning anger mood (and this Chopper beheld in wonder) and you may Chopper was even prepared to get in Sanji’s body inside Punk Possibility. Sanji food Chopper an informed of all of the men out of the newest staff, scarcely damaging your in any way as well as suggests concern if in case Helicopter affects themselves when you find yourself are clumsy. Helicopter is the identical for the create, hiding behind Sanji’s base as he are scared of Nami’s outrage during the Skypiea, leading to Sanji to-arrive down and you may animals Chopper’s lead in the a great calming trends. Sanji (similar to Zoro and you may Franky) may also provide Helicopter neck flights.

Inside Zou Arch, Chopper (and additionally Nami and you will Brook) try certainly distraught over Sanji’s deviation for the Big Mother Pirates, thereby made a decision to compliment Luffy in the retrieving Sanji regarding Entire Cake Isle. Helicopter is therefore optimistic regarding watching Sanji again which he initial mistook Sanji’s malicious young aunt having your. Helicopter was also the newest Straw Cap most surprised seeing one Sanji’s curly eye brows had been frequent among most of the Vinsmoke people. Also the anyone else, Chopper try extremely astonished that Sanji turned down Pudding to stay for the crew. Throughout the Big Mother’s Tea-party, Helicopter aided Sanji inside the rescuing his friends of Huge Mother’s purses. Helicopter dearly appreciated Sanji’s preparing and gladly cheered and you may hugged new second when he would definitely plan a meal in their eyes again.

Sanji’s basic ending up in Robin was contrary to popular belief aggressive, when he directed a weapon from the their direct (due to Robin getting a threat to your team during the time), nevertheless when he had a better look at the girl Sanji turned like strike

Sanji treats Robin in a similar manner method the guy treats Nami, even in the event if you’re Nami snacks his advances with anger and you may control, Robin are polite and you will relaxed for the plan. Sanji understands that Robin may actually take care of by herself and you can as such doesn’t worry as often on her safety if you find yourself assaulting opponents as he really does with Nami. Their subservience for her reaches begging so you’re able to place their head on her bosom after the battle against the The latest Seafood-son Pirates.