Exactly how Muslims Compare to Almost every other Spiritual Us americans

No matter if Muslims compensate a little minority in the usa, as well as their holy book and lots of of its religious traditions are distinctly their, Muslim Us americans try in no way “one other” when it comes to spiritual life otherwise politics regarding the Joined States. With techniques, it be noticed not really much due to their distinctions for its parallels along with other religious teams.

In their level of spiritual union, Muslim People in the us extremely directly end up like light evangelicals and you can black colored Protestants. Within first governmental direction, they directly end up like black colored Protestants also seculars. Regarding its viewpoints on some societal factors, such as for example homosexuality, Muslims’ conservatism fits regarding white evangelicals. Muslims try a lot more most likely than simply evangelicals and other group to help with a task to own government within the securing morality.


Muslims make up below one percent of one’s country’s populace, whereas seven-in-10 Americans was Christian. Latest public opinion studies because of the Pew Lookup Heart discover, depending on the concentration of the faith, Muslim Americans very directly wind up as light evangelicals and you may black Protestants. Within the around three teams, high majorities (72% from Muslim People in the us, 79% from light evangelicals and 85% of black Protestants) state religion is “crucial” in their own lives. Those individuals notably higher percent lay the around three teams other than Catholics (49%) and you may white mainline Protestants (36%).

Whenever inquired about the way they remember the private label, just about a quarter (28%) of the many Muslim Us citizens state it pick themselves earliest as a keen American in the place of once the a Muslim. This count is amazingly just like the portion of light evangelicals (28%) whom state they feel from themselves basic because American and just secondarily because the Christian. Indeed, a top percentage of evangelicals (62%) select on their own first because of the the trust than manage Muslims (47%). (Regarding one to-fifth from Muslim Americans – 18% – state they feel regarding themselves due to the fact each other American and Muslim.)

Half of Muslim People in america (50%) view the Koran once the word-of Goodness you need to take virtually, word for word. Majorities out of each other white evangelicals (66%) and you will black colored Protestants (68%) keep an equivalent view of the newest Bible. One of Catholics and you can light mainline Protestants, by contrast, a lot less than simply 1 / 2 of (25% and you may 22%, respectively) capture an exact view of the Scriptures.

Nothing with the would be to advise that Muslims and you may Christians carry out n’t have decidedly various other religion and you will strategies. However, the fresh new similarity in spiritual intensity of Muslims to several teams you to definitely might think off by themselves because the entirely in lieu of Muslims is striking.

Partisanship and you may Ideology

Although light evangelicals express similarities with Muslims with regards to religious power, the 2 groups are different in terms of their respective political direction. Muslim People in america, in other words, are more politically liberal than just evangelicals, and more comparable within very first political mentality to black colored Protestants, secular People in the us and you can, often times, white mainline Protestants.

One of Muslims, only 11% state he could be Republicans or slim Republican; the newest profile is comparable (10%) among black colored Protestants. Among white evangelicals, this new part of Republicans (57%) is more than 5 times higher – leading them to, through this level, the group that’s most unlike Muslim Us americans.

Regarding the half a dozen-in-10 Muslims say he or she is possibly Democrats otherwise slim Popular, about a comparable ratio as the certainly one of secular Us americans. Black colored Protestants try way more heavily Popular than just Muslims, if you find yourself light evangelicals try drastically faster Democratic.

The biggest amounts of Muslim People in america establish their governmental ideology because “average,” as well as possible with many almost every website here other organizations. The latest “moderate” classification comes with 38% from Muslims, 40% of seculars, 41% of black Protestants, 44% of white mainline Protestants and you can 46% out of light Catholics. Light evangelicals break which development, into largest count pinpointing themselves given that conservatives (55%), just before moderates (30%).

These partisan and ideological preferences were shown about 2004 presidential election. Aggregation of fifty county leave polls conducted because of the National Election Pool means that over eight-in-ten Muslim voters (85%) offered John Kerry in the 2004. This will make Muslims just like black colored Protestants (86%) within help to own Kerry, and you may considerably more heavily Democratic within vote than Jews (74%) and you can secular voters (67%).

Just the right Role of Authorities

With the question of the best proportions and you can extent regarding government, a powerful majority of Muslim People in america (70%) say that they like a more impressive regulators giving even more functions instead than just a smaller sized authorities getting less features, an inclination almost identical to compared to black Protestants. One of evangelicals (as well as light Catholics and you will light mainline Protestants), majorities express an inclination to have shorter bodies.

Even with the apparently liberal governmental positioning, Muslims by no means simply take liberal ranking towards all the products. Towards social issues, he’s way more like light evangelicals. About 60% out of Muslim Us americans, as an instance, claim that homosexuality will be frustrated, a fact near to one registered certainly white evangelicals, and you can dramatically greater than one of other communities.

With the matter of if or not government might be involved in securing morality, Muslim Us citizens was even more supportive from regulators step than just evangelicals (or any other group). More or less half a dozen-in-10 Muslims (59%) believe that bodies need to do so much more to guard morality, compared to just 30% whom state they care your government is getting as well with it on issue of morality. Among any kind of significant religious organizations, not even half show the scene that authorities should do a great deal more to protect morality.

Muslims also stand out from most other communities into dilemma of immigration, perhaps simply because the a couple of-thirds (65%) from Muslim Americans try basic-age bracket immigrants themselves. Whenever questioned if or not immigrants reinforce or burden the world, for-instance, almost about three-in-five Muslims say immigrants bolster the country. It expert-immigrant sentiment is a lot greater than that viewed certainly one of most other spiritual communities. (Catholic Latina Us citizens – another class complete with a leading percentage of first-generation immigrants – may be the exception to this rule. Expected a slightly more concern inside an earlier Pew questionnaire, two-thirds off Catholic Hispanic Us citizens asserted that broadening amounts of immigrants strengthened American society.)


With techniques, Muslim Americans look like a good mosaic many most other Western groups, sharing particular qualities with this other groups while not becoming the same to almost any of those. He or she is far from entirely aside; in fact, for the crucial respects, Muslim People in the us echo the brand new spiritual and you will governmental beliefs held by very other Us americans.